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 März 2019: Ankunft des Containers in Hamai |   Ausladen der schweren Maschinen  March 2019: Arrival of the container in Hamai | Unload the heavy machinery

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 Das Dreirad, von Ehepaar Schulz einem Behinderten zugedacht   The tricycle, intended by the Schulz couple for a disabled person



Am Anfang stand die Idee, der BBS Lingen Technik und Gestaltung, für die neue Berufsschule in Hamai Werkzeuge und Maschinen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Sie waren nicht mehr den Anforderungen gewachsen, würden aber in Hamai noch gute Dienste tun. 

Die Umsetzung der Idee war nicht einfach. Container auf den Weg bringen nach Dar es Saalam war einfach, aber die Zollabfertigung brachte erhebliche Schwierigkeiten. Das hat eine Menge Geld verschlungen. Aber dann war die letzte Etappe auf der Straße (?) nach Hamai leicht zu schaffen.

Ausladen "per Hand". Die Mühe hat sich gelohnt. Installation steht noch aus. Und dann kann der Schulbetrieb beginnen. Wenn Walter und Jacoba Schulz als Vertreter der Ev.-luth. Kirchgemeinde Dalum in Hamai sein werden, soll es einen feierllichen Akt geben.

At the beginning, the idea was to provide BBS Lingen Technik and Gestaltung with tools and machines for the new vocational school in Hamai. They were no longer able to cope with the demands but would still do good service in Hamai.

The implementation of the idea was not easy. Getting the container to Dar es Saalam was easy, but the customs clearance process was causing considerable difficulties. That swallowed up a lot of money. But then the last stage on the road (?) to Hamai was easy to do.

Unloading "by hand". The trouble was worth it. Installation is still pending. And then the school operation can begin. If Walter and Jacoba Schulz as representatives of the Ev. Luth. Parish in Dalum will be in Hamai, there should be a solemn act.


Am Sonntag, 25. August 2019, feiern wir mit einem Festgottesdienst


"25 Jahre Partnerschaft mit Hamai"


mit Bischof Amon Kinyunyu aus Dodoma

und dem Bürgermeister von Hamai Mohamed Mayingu.


HekimaWhat Is a HEKIMA vocational center? And what does lt offer?

The concept of vocational

ls an educational institution that is specifically geared toward helping students get employmentready
skills and knowledge for particular occupations. Vocationai schools are also known by other terms. For example, a technical or vocational school is generally the same thing as a trade school or career college; the terms are usually interchangeable.

So a vocational program is any course of study or practical training offered by a trade school, technical institute, or vocational college that is designed to lead diiectly to career opportunities
in a particular field. Traditionally, vocational programs focused on areas like construction, manufacturing, automotive service, or cosmetology, but today's vocational schools offer a much wider range of training options, as you can see from the extehsive list of programs above.

At a trade school, you learn a combination of hands-on skills and theoretical knowledge direcily
related to the occupation you want to have. Depending on your intended vocation, you'll learn i
range of very specific techniques using industry-relevant equipment in facilities that simulate
real-world work settings. You'll also learn about any legal regulations or requirements that apply
to your field. You may even get to practice your skills in an attual work setting as part of an
included internship or externship.

Another defining characteristic of many vocational colleges and trade schools is the attention
paid to the reality of students'everyday lives and diverse backgrounds. For example, unlike a lot
of traditional academic institutions, career-driven schools tend to incorporate features like:
. Courses offered in the evening, on weekends, or even online . . Campuses that are more accessible and closer to where students live or work Easier admission processes . Smaller class sizes . Shorter, more streamlined programs
' Personalized, hands-on instruction in well-equipped training facilities that simulate realworld
work settings . Externships with actual employers . Job search assistance
Simply put, vocational schools can often be defined by how they approach training busy adults
who want to enter fast-growing industries in the quickest and mbst'pragmatic way possiOte.

And there are clear advantages to a vocational education. Research has shown that postsecondary
students who earn degrees in vocational fields of study are more likely to be
employed full-time six years after beginning their education. In fact, one study showed that g5
percent of former students who earned a technical or career-based associate's degree had fulltime
jobs compared to only 73.3 percent of those who earned a more general academic one.
And the percentage was also higher for students who attained a careei-focused bachelor,s
degree (88.3 percent vs. 82.6 percent).

As you can see, there are definite benefits to receiving vocational training: you can choose from
more vocations than you might expect. You may have better employmeni outcomes. And you'll
learn in a way that targets your real-world needs.