Tanzania - Our visit 2016

Our trip to Hamai in Tanzania

(27.09 - 19.10.2016)

Part of this trip served to develop a partnership between BBS technology and design in Lingen with the developing vocational school in Hamai.

It has been funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture. Four apprentices and two teachers as well as Walter Schulz from our partnership committee were on the road.

These participants will report separately.

The other part of the trip concerned our partnership committee with Walter and Jacoba Schulz and Diedrich Kohnert. First, we had support from Pastor Lee Cosmos Ndeiy, then from Hamai through his son Christopher (both as a country interpreter).

We traveled by shuttle bus very early in the morning from Lingen to the airport Düsseldorf, from there we flew with a Cityhopper to Amsterdam and from there with KLM to Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania.

Within the framework of the partnership between our church community and Sub-Parish Hamai, we had to highlight the characteristics of the partnership.

So we shared faith. We came from cool Germany with a restrained faith and learned the enthusiastic and lively life in Tanzania. We were given a rich gift. The singing was once again an experience. We have also made our contribution. "Mungo ni pendo" (God is love) is also a melody in our singing books, but the Tanzanians are singing much more quickly and moving around. When "Great God we praise you" is voted, the Tanzanians stop. This chorale is also known to them.

To share life: a great task. It was necessary to realize that one can live well on a low level for our concepts. Simple rooms without frills, harvesting and eating vegetables often on the same day; chicken or goat, slaughtered in the morning, came to the table at noon and in the evening. The preparation often for us unfamiliar, but surprisingly tasty.

To share gifts: You probably think of material things. Since we are known as bringer from Germany and probably also coveted. But the Tanzanians gave us a lot of heart warmth. And this is open and honest.

We also accompanied the construction of the vocational school. Who would have guessed the extent of the building: 42 m long, 14 m wide, 8 m high. The walls are already standing, the roof is missing. In the near future it will be tackled.

We have had to do a lot of convincing work. In the meantime the construction is not to be overlooked and therefore gains approval from many.

The village population will benefit. It is the only vocational school far and wide. It will be provided free of charge for example when rearranging.

The district government in Chemba will make a strong commitment to the supply of electricity and water.

The diocese of Dodoma will assume its responsibility for the internal and external operation of the school.

The organization Compassion has declared its cooperation and has already trainees in view.

And for the equipment with machines and tools the BBS Lingen wants to help.

It was therefore envisaged to expect the inauguration to take place around mid-2018.